Born in a small town in Colorado, and a voracious reader of mysteries and science fiction, Dean started writing around the age of twelve. Mostly short stories, bad poetry and the odd novella appeared.

Then, Dean wrote a pulp sci-fi novel with his best friend, which they completed by the age of eighteen. University got in the way, and the novel never saw the light of day.

Dean attended the University of Colorado, studying architecture. His work in technical theatre carried on, lighting and set design getting him involved in a number of theatrical and operatic productions in the Boulder and Denver area, as well as working with Consenting Adults Theatre Company in Washington D.C.

He came to the UK for an appearance in the famous Fringe Festival and never really left, living in Edinburgh for a time. After a brief time in Washington D.C., he returned to the UK and found himself working for a large telecoms company in London.

He and a friend started in the 90’s and left the telecoms company.

He now lives in East London with his wife Debra and their two cats, and travels as much as time will allow.