End of the road(trip) 2012

So, after an overnight flight, we arrived back in cold London. Well, colder than Houston, anyway!

We saw a lot of things, ate a lot of good food, heard lots of good music and sampled some decent local beers, too. Although, somewhat ironically, the one most prevalent seemed to be Blue Moon from Denver!

After unpacking, redistributing clothing, food items and various souvenirs (and trying not to fall asleep) started looking at the hundreds of photos and realise I have some work to do!

We drove 1,589 miles, saw countryside ranging from mountains to beach to swamp and flat Mississippi Delta, not to mention the one big freeway that seems to be Houston! We got to see a lot, but didn’t do all of the things we’d planned. Guess we’ll just have to go back!

It was a great trip, with lots of memories and photos, but I haven’t done much writing in the last two weeks – so I guess it’s time to rectify that!