I was sitting in the garden last night wondering what to write about for my blog post today (and thinking of something boring, most likely). I flipped the iPad open and did my daily search for me on Amazon. As you do.

Book of the Dead, book 3 in the Jaared Sen QuartetAnd there it was.

Book of the Dead was finished and dusted ages ago and has only just appeared on the book sites. It’s a good feeling to see it there.

So it’s out. You can now get it in dead tree (trade paperback) format or as Kindle download. Don’t worry, other ereader formats will be forthcoming and I’ll let you know.

Go buy it now.

Where to get the book >>


And as part of my continuing experiment with a free book giveaway, for a limited time you can get my first book, Death in Amber, free.

Kindle version (DRM free) / Smashwords for all other versions – use code QP98W

If you do download it, I’d appreciate you taking the time to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads or LibraryThing. Thanks!