“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Douglas Adams

And if I’m not careful, my latest deadline is likely to whoosh by – hence the lack of posts lately. I’ve just been keeping my head down and doing the editing thing. (There’ll be an extract from the new book available on the site shortly).

Douglas Adams, the man, courtesy of www.theinfidels.orgDeadlines are useful, certainly, but why do we all prevaricate so much? Is it a holdover from when we were at school and homework seemed like such a pain we put it off as long as possible? Or was that just me?

It’s probably why I spent my university time pulling all-nighters in the design or sculpture studio. I guess the question is whether that’s a habit or something I was pre-programmed for – the old nature vs nurture argument – I’d like to blame my genes, but suspect it’s a bad habit.

There’s always something more “interesting” to do than work – and the internet is no help. I do turn on Freedom, occasionally, to block all incoming inputs and get work done. It’s just a bit hilarious that it takes cutting off all contact to be able to concentrate. But then, I blame TV – it’s created a generation (or two or three) of people with an attention span the length of time between commercials.

I think I’ve always been easily distracted/diverted/unwilling to concentrate on the task at hand. I’d rather read a good book or surf the web researching the intricacies of the mating habits of mayflies or looking at videos of pets doing the funniest things…

So, my New Year’s resolution (yes, I KNOW it’s August) is to plan ahead and set myself targets/goals and not leave everything to the last minute. What do you think, is this just asking for trouble?