Yes. A lot of people do. I do.

That said, I’ve got so many free books on my Kindle at the moment that I don’t know where to start. So I’m reading paperbacks just now.

I do try to read the free books I get from various sources and, understanding the value of reviews, I do my best to review my freebies. DISCLAIMER: if you know I’ve read one of your books and are waiting for a review here’s four words to explain the situation – I have a backlog. I’m trying to address it, but it grows faster than I write them.

My better half reads free books as she spends a good chunk of her day commuting on public transport and gets through them at a phenomenal rate.

Is it worth it for the bad reviews?

Death in Amber - by Dean Fetzer

Okay, here’s a freebie – download the DRM-free Kindle version for a short time. Leave me a bad review and you KNOW what will happen…

One of the risks an author or publisher takes by giving away books is that they don’t always reach the right audience. I’ve noticed this on LibraryThing giveaways (my own and others) – a lot of people take free books they’re not going to like.

Yes, I’ve done it myself. And i’m sorry.

Part of the ethos on LibraryThing is the idea that a self-published author gives away a free book in exchange for a review. That’s fine if they like it or appreciated it, but it doesn’t do any favours to get a review like this:

“Got this as a freebie on the Kindle app. Should not have bothered…”

Did this person read the blurb?!?! What were they expecting? This isn’t one of mine, but I’ve had similar ones. Why bother entering a draw to get a copy of a book you’re not going to like?

For me it’s the blurb; I read the blurbs and decide if I’ll like it from that. I haven’t done it very often and frankly, the writing has been more of a problem than subject matter in the few cases I downloaded something I shouldn’t have. GET AN EDITOR, PEOPLE.

The advice I usually give people is that all reviews are beneficial and people are entitled to their opinions. That said, sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it.

Tune in Friday for more on Value for money, pt 3

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