No, not in a stalkery sort of way — he’s not like that (I hope). And if you’ve forgotten or can’t remember who Edward James Olmos is, here’s a link that might help.

Edward James Olmos is God!What happened was this: the other day I decided, following someone else’s tweet on twitter, to follow @edwardjolmos, who seemed keen to make up his numbers. I was rather suprised in the next couple of days to get a message that Edward James Olmos (I’ll call him EJO from now on) was following me on Twitter. Really? And yes, there he was!

One of his other followers then tweeted that he was impressed that a celebrity whom he was following was now following him. It is a rarity and I had to concur.

I got to thinking about this and just wondered how often celebrities follow us mere mortals? I’ve no statistics to supply, it was merely a passing thought. I know people like @stephenfry and @neilhimself have millions of followers, so I can hardly expect them to follow everyone – they wouldn’t be able to hear themselves speak… tweet?

And now, typing this, I realise EJO might read this — OMG, what do I do then? Calm, breathe, no need to be in StarF*** mode. It’s not like I fancy him or anything like that, I just think he’s a very good actor and I still remember a number of very scary episodes of Miami Vice in the 80s when he was the Lieutenant telling Crocket and Tubbs what to do (yes, EJO was in Miami Vice, and Battlestar Galactica, no, the new one, not the ancient one with Lorne Green. He’s also been in loads of movies — oh yeah, he was in Bladerunner, too. No, really. Go look at the link if you don’t believe me).

I’ve decided that’s okay, EJO might read it. And as he now has over 20,000 followers, he may ignore it completely. *sigh*

Oh well, you never know.

Any celebrities following you?