I nearly called this whole thing “the Obligatory Blog”, because it seems like everyone’s got to have one these days.

I don’t necessarily agree, as there’s an awful lot of crap on the interweb – for me, it’s like that saying about everyone having a novel in them: that may be, but I probably don’t want to read 99% of them due to any number of factors. And frankly, the ones who do garner attention and readership (more importantly) are the ‘professionals’ who treat it as a job and work at making it something worth reading, rather than some drunken drivel finger-vomited onto a screen after falling out of the pub.*

Okay, I know I don’t have to read all of the “crap” on the web – you don’t have to read this, either, should you feel it falls into that category – but it does make me wonder how much of the content that gets posted on the interweb will be revisited in the next 10 years, not to mention the next 50.

While I am in the business of writing and therefore promoting what I write (which this will be a vehicle for, should you need the warning), I am also going to be pondering (read ranting and raving) about those issues and minor irritations that seem to plague 21st century life. This will probably be a good thing as far as Debs, my wife is concerned, as she often gets a rant when she phones up to find out whether I’ve left the house yet.

At any rate, Death in Amber is out in trade paperback and several ebook versions are in the process of being developed – more on those later, but I can always use testers (free copies available to volunteers).

More later, have no doubt. If you’re in need of reading matter now, you could do worse than read Charles Stross’s diary; it’s been keeping me amused for weeks now. I’m particularly taken with his series about publishing, as I’m struggling with several aspects of that process myself.

*I can’t promise this won’t happen, but I trust that I’ll have the sense in the clear light of the following morning to edit such entries accordingly.