Well, today’s been a long day.

We set out early from Memphis, aiming to get to Clarkesdale, Mississippi at a reasonable time to visit the Delta Blues Museum, grab some lunch at Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero Club and get on the road to New Orleans. Sounds simple, no?

We made good time and found the crossroads where blues musician Robert Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil in return for musical talent. When I say ‘found it’, I mean drove down Highway 61 and there it was. We got out and took the obligatory photos with the sign and ran into a couple doing the same thing!

We got to the museum in good time and had a look at all the exhibits, learning about a great number of musicians and other parties we’d never heard of, particularly when their music influenced most music we’ve listened to for the last 40 years – okay, not me personally, but you know what I mean. Oh, and that couple from the crossroads turned up!

Bluesman Muddy Waters is sort of the focus of the place, being one of the local boys and lyrics from some of his songs are displayed on the walls, as well as a long quote about how important it was to him to be a gentleman. An amazing man with an amazing life.

After lunch, we drove down Highway 61, marvelling along the way at the ghostly towns, remnants of the last century in so many ways. It was something my companions had never been exposed to. And driving through Rolling Fork, birthplace of Muddy Waters was anti-climactic, if anything.

We then started the long drive on to New Orleans, and the rain started. We got to New Orleans late, had a few beers and a pizza before collapsing!

Tomorrow, off to Mother’s for breakfast, then wander around a bit, getting our bearings before going out for a nice anniversary meal!