Another sign of impending age – i.e. I’m getting old – wait for it… Youf these days…

There I said it.

We went to see the rather wonderful Imelda May at the Roundhouse in Camden last night. She was fantastic and I have to say I was impressed with the wall of sound her four-piece made behind her. They pretty much blew the roof off on a great St Patrick’s night. If you don’t have her latest album, give it a listen.

What I wasn’t impressed with was a trend I’ve seen a few times and I mainly put it down to youth and ignorance, but as I say, maybe I’m just getting old. Can anyone tell me the point of paying 25 quid and then talking through the entire performance?!?! Why did they bother going to the bloody gig? There was this tide of conversation underlaying everything the artists did which was hard to ignore.

Imelda did get them to shut up near the end, while trying to have a sing-song with the audience (you know, that old call and response people like Freddy Mercury did so well), she wanted to sing more quietly and couldn’t hear herself over the chatting, much less anything else. She told them to “Shut up!” and remarkably, they did.

I got my money’s worth out of the gig, but I really don’t think a lot of them did. In fact, I think the audience were quieter at a free gig I went to a few weeks ago – and that was in a bar!

Guess I’m officially a grumpy old man.