I’ve been reading an author named Chuck Wendig’s blog over at terribleminds.com. While I’d never heard of him before as he’s done a lot of screenwriting, I picked up his website through someone else’s recommendation and have been enjoying what he has to say about the process of writing, probably because I agree with his approach to writing. Most critically, he keeps reiterating what I always say – a writer writes.

Yesterday, he published a list of “25 things every writer should know”. (I’ve no intention of repeating the list – he does it much better than I could and if you’re interested go have a look.)

On this list, he didn’t make it one of his points, but it came up several times and it struck a chord with me: “live a life worth writing about”.

He’s absolutely right. We see these child prodigies publishing novels, but they’re rather few and far between – there’s a reason for that. The majority of people whose writing is out in the public domain has reached a certain age, or a certain level of experience, might be a better way to put it.

I guess it correlates a little with that adage, “write what you know”, but I don’t always agree with that. Who wants to read about a mystery where the villain kills the webdesigner with a bit of rogue HTML, for instance? See what I mean?

So yeah, I agree with him “Go live. Travel. Ride a bike. Eat weird food. Experience things. Otherwise, what the fuck are you going to talk about?”

You don’t have to be a writer to live a life worth writing about, of course. Go on, you know you want to.