Well, I have to say Nashville’s been nothing like I imagined. I never imagined that you can’t throw a cat in this town without hitting a musician… I’m travelling with my English wife and two of our English friends, and they all enjoyed it too.

Tonight we went to the Grand Ole Opry – hey, it’s Nashville, what else are you going to do? – and the experience was pretty good. It was one of the radio shows they do there every week and highlights the talent that is the membership of the Opry. The headliner was one Alan Jackson (who I had never heard of before tonight), and by his reception was the one everyone had come for.

I was impressed by the musicianship and the showmanship on display and they put on a good show. One of the most remarkable performers was Little Jimmy Dickens – 91 years old and a member of the Opry for over 61 years. As Debs said, “I hope I’m enjoying life as much at that age as he is!”

While I still won’t be listening to country everyday I can, at least, admit that there’s talent there. and having seen the original building, the new Opry building is very impressive. if you haven’t been to Nashville yet, you should go.