Ever have one of those weeks where it’s impossible to settle to any particular task, much less get on with editing the book that’s coming out before Christmas and starting to panic that it’s all going to go horribly wrong?

I’m not expecting you to have experienced exactly those symptoms, but I think you probably know what I mean.

“It’s not the heat it’s the humidity” is one of those saws that, while it may be true, doesn’t have irritate the hell out of me – and just about everyone else.

So, the struggle this week is to concentrate. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!

Maybe the Spanish and all those other Mediterranean countries where a siesta is the norm are right. Why do we insist on working through the hottest part of the day when all we’re really capable of is sliding into a dazed torpor.

And this heat vs humidity thing seems to affect the day-to-day. I get some kind of high pressure headache and generally feel pretty blech.

It’s grey and cloudy as I write this, so hopefully this feeling is passing and I can get back to work.

Hey, did you see that? No, thought I saw a (insert your version of bright/shiny/fast moving whatever it was).