And the heavens opened… We decided to go to New Orleans landmark Mother’s today for breakfast – great idea, shame about the weather.

Debs and I set out early, just wanting to get out of the hotel, and found ourselves outside the Plaza d’Italia building. “I worked on a project based around this plaza,” I said. And I had. While still at University of Colorado, one of my instructors was partial to the Piazza, and constructed a project around it. I don’t remember doing very well, but it stuck with me, as evidenced by my reaction today. It’s been refurbished since my project and it looks good. This is what it looks like now.

Mother’s was great – an institution, and deservedly so. Great crawfish étouffée omelet! And the biscuits are very fluffy, covered in Mother’s homemade raspberry jam, just superb!

So, we wandered around the French Quarter for a bit before going in a riverboat cruise on the Creole Queen. Almost as soon as we left, the heavens opened and there were very few places unaffected by the wind and rain.

The trip goes down to the Chalmette Battlefield, site of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans. Strangely we didn’t get off the boat in the rain! Still, it was a nice trip and we got to see a good chunk of the Mississippi River, despite the wet weather.

As it was our Anniversary, Our companions took us to The Bombay Club, off Bourbon Street for dinner. Great place, with fantastic Martinis, brilliant food and live music. I had the Alligator étouffée to start, and really enjoyed it. The food overall was very good and the service was very good and not intrusive.

We wandered back down Bourbon Street and goggled, amazed, at the wide range of people, clothing and varieties of music blaring from the bars. We’re loving New Orleans!

Out for a swamp tour in the morning, going to see some ‘gators