What the traditional publishers don’t seem to have noticed – the rules of publishing and getting published are changing and becoming more fluid all the time. This follows on from my post last week about the state of publishing – well, I wrote it at the same time, it was just too much!

The internet changed all the rules

I think this is the critical bit that the traditional publishers have missed. They may be getting it now, but their thinking about how electronic vs paper works is still on the skew-whiff side of things. I mean, come on, how likely am I to pay £10.99 (around $17.99) for an ebook when the paper version is available on Barnes and Noble or Amazon for £5.59?

One of the strengths any independent has, be it film maker, musician, artist or author, they can get their work out now. Not in 12 months time, not in two years, but now. That immediacy is working against the traditionals and they’re suffering for it. There’s still an idea amongst some of the TV, book and movie producers that the old ways are best – we’ll release our new TV programme in the U.S. first, then maybe Britain, then we’ll see. Newsflash: it doesn’t work!

Topical, I know - the last Harry Potter book and current movieAs soon as they release a new series in the U.S., if it doesn’t have immediate (or nearly) release elsewhere, it’ll be available via the internet within hours of broadcast.

“But that’s not fair!” they shout. Why? This is the 21st century, film reels don’t have to travel across the sea on a boat, now do they? And the smart ones are releasing new series on both sides of the Atlantic either on the same day or within 24 hours as HBO did recently with the new series Game of Thrones.

Publishers need to have the ebook ready when the print one is published if Amazon’s Kindle stats are anything to go by. I can do that. I produce my ebook versions as well as the print version. I’m still learning how, so apologies for anyone with a dodgy copy (I’ll replace it with a newer version, just drop me a line).

And I don’t understand people like J.K. Rowling refusing to allow ebook versions of their books due to concerns over piracy. What? Does she really need another castle/yacht/private jet? Another newsflash: it’s already too late! They’re already out there!