Death After Midnight launched on Saturday, the 8th of January at the Sterling Public Library in my hometown of Sterling, Colorado. I know, it’s taken me a while to get the video downloaded (for want of a cable…)

I certainly haven’t experienced the old adage that home crowds are the toughest — I got a warm welcome at the launch and would like to thank Sandy VanDusen and her staff at the library for their help and enthusiasm. Thanks also to everyone who came to the launch.

Death After Midnight - available from Lulu.comAdditionally, my Mom asked me to meet her book group who were keen to read my first book, Death in Amber, and discuss it with me. To say I was apprehensive (read intimidated) wouldn’t be far from the mark. Sitting in a room with 15 women demanding to know why such and such happened on page 96 wasn’t exactly how it worked.

They discussed the book and raised pertinent issues with the plot and provided great feedback. Again, I’d like to thank them for their hospitality, candor and excellent questions. It didn’t hurt my ego any that most of them were keen to read the sequel!

I did a couple of radio interviews while I was there and if you’re interested, you can find both full interviews here. There is also a video of me reading from Death After Midnight here.

And finally, the ebook versions should be ready soon, but if you are after the trade paperback, you can get it from Lulu now.