So, Monday wasn’t worth reporting.

‘Why’ you ask? We spent eight hours in a mall! No, don’t ask, my mind is still boggled.

So today, we had coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde, a coffee house and bakery that’s been there since 1862, pretty old for the U.S. Good coffee and great beignets!

Then we went Uptown to meet Gaither Pope, a friend of a friend I met via Facebook, a painter and teacher at Nichols State University. We met at the gallery that shows his work and went for a Cubano sandwich, a mixture of pulled pork, ham and cheese, toasted and pressed. Delicious!

Nicest thing was, we only met for the first time today, yet Debs said it sounded like we’d known each other for years! This interweb’s a strange thing, creating connections and communities that span oceans and continents.

Gaither told us a bit about his New Orleans, and how things have changed since 2005 in the area. It was fascinating and useful to get a local view of it all. Thanks Gaither, for a lovely afternoon.

We then took one of the horse carts, or rather mule carts, around the French Quarter, learning about New Orleans and the French Quarter. Then we went on to dinner at Arnaud’s, a New Orleans institution.

So, tonight was our last night in New Orleans and we’re off to Houston in the morning. Guess the trip’s almost over, as the day after that, we fly home. We’ll definitely be coming back to New Orleans, though!