Dead Silent

Hell hounds, monsters and the end of the world

Unexplained disasters are growing in number across the world: forest fires, floods, earthquakes, mud slides, dormant volcanoes suddenly becoming active. Something isn’t right.

The Council of Seven Kings, a shadowy group older than the Priory of Sion and the Illuminati, believe Jaared Sen can find the solution, but he’ll need to locate the mysterious “Artist” before he can save the world.

Time is running out.

Dead Silent, the final book in The Jaared Sen Quartet sees the once-blind investigator in his most difficult case yet.

Book of the Dead

On the Signs of the Times

Bodies keep appearing on the streets of London – each one mutilated before death, inscribed with a quotation by the long-dead heretic Giordano Bruno. Meanwhile, a young man is found dead in a warehouse, his right hand missing. He’s the pretender to a vacant throne. Enter a fanatical-eyed giant on a quest for a Bruno manuscript, a bookseller who finds things, and Contractor Jaared Sen – sight restored – and the trail soon leads to the source of the quotes and the murders. A house. A brooding, malevolent house that’s guarding its secrets and waiting…cruelly…

Sequel to Death After Midnight and the third book in the Jaared Sen Quartet finds Jaared Sen investigating a murderous house and a mythical manuscript.

Death After Midnight

A murdered priest in an insignificant village called Rennes-le-Château. Mysterious treasure tied to the Priory of Sion. The blind detective who can see the path tying them all together.

But it won’t be easy. It never is.

In the sequel to Death in Amber, Jaared Sen follows a shady character pursuing the treasure of Rennes-le-Château and the Priory of Sion. Aided by his mysterious benefactress and a beautiful art historian, Jaared journeys into the dark heart of the French Languedoc, its soil and history soaked in the blood of crusaders and martyrs.

Death in Amber

The Amber Room is found

Stolen by the Nazis and missing since 1945, rumours of the wondrous Amber Room are turning up in London. It’s 2041 and blind detective Jaared Sen isn’t interested – he’s got bodies of dead girls turning up in London and very few leads. Haunted by a mysterious benefactress, he’s the only one who can solve the case before the killer strikes again.